Why The Convoy Of Lies (& Their Supporters) Have Lost Their Minds

By an *actual* Canadian

4 min readFeb 19, 2022
Photo by Naomi Mckinney on Unsplash

Watching Fox News, other American right-wing media, or even perusing certain social media accounts/hashtags, one could come to the conclusion Canada has become some tyrannical dictatorship.

It hasn’t. Not even close.

What has happened is a large collection of people — primarily non-Canadians — have lost their collective minds to misinformation and hysteria. Spreading lies (a) and such outrageous hyperbole (b) it would cause anyone who has actually experienced terror of actual tyrannical regimes to shake their heads in disbelief.

(a) Fox Reporter spreads false information. Though corrected later, this tweet remains up as of this writing with thousands of shares.

So what is actually happening in Canada? Absolutely nothing like the above or others of a similar mindset have portrayed. There are no tanks patrolling the street (unlike when Trudeau Sr. was Prime Minister), there are no deaths, and no serious injuries (so far).

Crucially, these protesters were able to air their grievances and block traffic for three whole weeks with absolutely zero consequences. Would this be even remotely possible in China, Iran, Russia, Myanmar or any actual dictatorship? Any other…