Time For A Zero State Solution

Divide & Coexist

2 min readOct 9, 2023
Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unspla

For over 3000 years Israel has been a hotbed for conflict, with no signs of abating in the modern era. Blood and carnage on each side with no end in sight. Parades and celebrations after hundreds to thousands of children, women, and men of all religious, cultural, backgrounds are slaughtered…[1][2][3]

At what point do we say enough?

At what point do we say the current “status quo” is not working and probably never will. Not until one side has completely eradicated the other, which in either case amounts to millions dead or displaced.

So many are quick to choose a team but we must recognize there are no saints here, we don’t have to play this game. Allowing either to be victorious would be a stain on humanity, as history is usually written by the victor.

The international community has the opportunity to put an end to it, the same way our forebears created it. Only this time other governments in the region must also be involved. Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, can be invited to take parts of the West Bank and Gaza. Perhaps other territories Israel has more recently encroached on as well.

As for Israel proper, they have had nearly a century to demonstrate competency at maintaining a peaceful and democratic country. From the conflict itself to…