Deconstructing Russian Propaganda

15 Kremlin Lines To Watch Out For

11 min readNov 27, 2022
A Russian Propaganda Meme Regularly Shared online

Wars are fought not only on the ground, but also in the mind. In the form of information, disinformation, and manipulation. Russia has been honing these skills for over a century. It’s a requirement to survive such cultural isolation, both as part of the Soviet Union and now Putinism, which has pushed Russia steadily back away from foreign influence. Putin himself being a master of deceit, having risen out of the ranks of the KGB, the Soviet’s notorious secret police.

Here is a list of typical Russian disinformation that has made its way around the internet. It will continue to be updated with more examples as they come.

1. Western media is lying!

Is western media less trustworthy than media run by an authoritarian regime that criminalizes all forms of criticism of the government? We’re not talking a few whistleblowers releasing issues relating to national security. The Russian government will literally throw people in jail for 15 years for any sort of criticism, even just not supporting this war. That is if you’re lucky enough to not find yourself “coincidently” on the wrong side of a multi-story window.

Meanwhile, in western countries anti-government, anti-war sentiment is not just allowed but is a thriving…