Adidas Reminds Twitter Users Women Have Nipples Too

Misogynist Heads Simultaneously Explode

3 min readFeb 10, 2022

Twitter was riled Wednesday after the athletic apparel company’s main account posted an image of women undressed in a manner that is typically reserved exclusively for men. Not even a censor bar or strategic pixilation was there to preserve the illusion women exist in this world nipple-less, as the media typically portray.

See the post HERE (Warning: human females with nipples)

They even pinned it to the top of the page to ensure it wouldn’t be lost in the ether for the time being.

Then there was adidas UK, which used the same image to respond to an earlier viral — and hilariously radioed — tweet. The latter tweet (see below) was posted by someone who felt the needed to make his female-phobia clearly known to the world. This “Christian” pastor from Utah probably saw more breasts at that moment than a traditional Mormon husband after Temple. To say backfire would be an understatement.

As to be expected, a plethora of misogynists and “I support body positivity BUT…” people chimed in to explain why female nipples — along with…