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This article is really just a fun — yet still important — thought experiment as to what a society would look like without the higher modesty expectations for women. Right down to the little details you may not even realize. The ideas are based on what is already reality in certain European cultures as well as the past changes to modesty standards throughout the world, including America.

Without further ado:

  1. Breasts would become less interesting, not completely desexualized but at least enough that they wouldn’t be as distracting as they are now. Sort of like what men’s chests have become…

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With ICUs at capacity and cancer patients being turned away to accommodate those too selfish and/or brainwashed to take any sort of precautions, hospitals need to take a stand.

When the evidence is clear now, yet they continue to put themselves and others at risk, they threaten us all. Whether it’s causing new variants or forcing hospitals to ration care for other ailments, these people are putting our medical system and society in general in jeopardy. Ensuring this pandemic never has an end. Providing medical resources to them is simply irresponsible at this point. …

The Only Way To Stop It

Still from Taliban video

✓ They believe Jews deserve death.

✓ They believe LGBT deserve death.

✓ They believe critics deserve death.

✓ They’ve killed millions.

✓ They seek world domination.

These are just some of the comparisons that can be made between Salafism and Hitler’s Germany, though in many ways the ideology of the Taliban and others is even more frightening.

For decades, Salafi ideology has been the ideological backbone of Saudi Arabia. Through their rich oil wealth they’ve financed its spread around the world, spawning groups like Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIL, Boko Haram, etc, and fuelling several civil wars. Implementing harsh Sharia…

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What is Socialism?

Let us clear the air as to what is actually meant by socialism. Long gone are the days when a Marxian definition of government controlling the means of production would give an accurate understanding of the term. Largely thanks to 20th century conservatism adding it to their lexicon of fear-inducing buzzwords for any new policy that helps those not already rolling in cash.

President Harry Truman said it best during a 1952 speech:

“ Socialism is a scare word they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years. Socialism is what they called public…

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. (Sarcasm)

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For those who indulge in media that promotes a more conservative political perspective, there are few things as frightening as The Radical Leftist Agenda.

But what is it really? It’s important to note not all Leftists will agree with everything here, though this list provides what is perhaps the most common agenda for progressive politics. The truth is more horrifying than anyone could be prepared for:

The Agenda

A minimum wage that covers the cost of necessities for life, so taxpayers don’t have to pick up the slack.

— Return to tax rates closer to that of the Eisenhower era, a…

How both nations are now more alike than ever before

Image by Author

It may be surprising to some but Iran actually has elections, the people can choose their President, their legislators, and even the body that elects the Supreme Leader. While the latter body, the Assembly of Experts, are elected, the people have no say in who they choose for a lifetime appointment to be the ultimate authority.

The parallels should already be apparent for those familiar with the American system. But wait, there’s more:

The current Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Hosseini Khamenei, is a far-right religious fanatic, the Assembly of Experts’ very first appointment way back in 1989. …

US Capital Building (Image Public Domain)

The fact that the Founders set out to create a system where rural American’s voices weren’t drowned out by larger, more urban, States is one that we hear over and over. Especially among Republicans. What they don’t say is the result is a system where land has more value than people, at least when it comes to both the Electoral College and the Senate. The two most consequential elected bodies in the nation.

Anyone with even basic knowledge of American politics knows the Electoral College elects the President, who has plenty of power himself. This includes writing Executive Orders as…

15 Ways to Help Achieve Body Equality this Decade. (Free)

To celebrate Go Topless Day 2020 here is a free version, sharable outside Medium, of the earlier article.

Quite a few years have passed since 2016’s So You Want To Free the Nipple and it was apparent it needed some major updating. So it was decided, a new decade, a new article. Since August also coincides with International GoTopless Day, it seemed the right month to publish.

This will be a little different than the first version, being more in line with last year’s 20 Things That Could Change If Topless Equality Was Normalized for easier reading. …

Whether it is the Democratic National Committee or the voters themselves in this year’s primaries, it appears Democrats are intent on shooting themselves in the foot yet again.

Here are 10 things that demonstrate that:

  1. The party establishment is bucking the majority of Dem primary voters and even the majority of Americans by opposing Medicare For All.
  2. They also quietly dropped calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies and tax breaks in the party platform, which their nominee Joe Biden ran on — evidently winning.
  3. They sidelined popular progressives like AOC in favor of Republicans at their Convention. Only…


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