Including What You Might Not Think Of. (Not Clickbait)

This article is really just a fun — yet still important — thought experiment as to what a society would look like without the higher modesty expectations for women. Right down to the little details you may not even realize. …

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For those who believe in a god who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and not a sadistic monster, there are few arguments that can really make them question what they hold to be true. …

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With ICUs at capacity and cancer patients being turned away to accommodate those too selfish and/or brainwashed to take any sort of precautions, hospitals need to take a stand.

When the evidence is clear now, yet they continue to put themselves and others at risk, they threaten us all. Whether…

The Only Way To Stop It

Still from Taliban video

✓ They believe Jews deserve death.

✓ They believe LGBT deserve death.

✓ They believe critics deserve death.

✓ They’ve killed millions.

✓ They seek world domination.

These are just some of the comparisons that can be made between Salafism and Hitler’s Germany, though in many ways the ideology of…

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What is Socialism?

Let us clear the air as to what is actually meant by socialism. Long gone are the days when a Marxian definition of government controlling the means of production would give an accurate understanding of the term. …

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. (Sarcasm)

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For those who indulge in media that promotes a more conservative political perspective, there are few things as frightening as The Radical Leftist Agenda.

But what is it really? It’s important to note not all Leftists will agree with everything here, though this list provides what is perhaps the most…

How both nations are now more alike than ever before

Image by Author

It may be surprising to some but Iran actually has elections, the people can choose their President, their legislators, and even the body that elects the Supreme Leader. …

US Capital Building (Image Public Domain)

The fact that the Founders set out to create a system where rural American’s voices weren’t drowned out by larger, more urban, States is one that we hear over and over. Especially among Republicans. What they don’t say is the result is a system where land has more value than…

15 Ways to Help Achieve Body Equality this Decade. (Free)

To celebrate Go Topless Day 2020 here is a free version, sharable outside Medium, of the earlier article.

Quite a few years have passed since 2016’s So You Want To Free the Nipple and it was apparent it needed some major updating. So it was decided, a new decade, a…


Reason, equality, & progress

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