How America’s Concept Of Liberalism Is A Lie

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A scathing video piece from the New York Times recently came out criticizing “Liberal Hypocrisy” in Democratic strongholds’ failure to address key issues in their party’s platform. While it is a fairly damning report, it can be argued it doesn’t even really touch the surface. …

The Only Way To Stop It

Still from Taliban video

✓ They believe Jews deserve death.

✓ They believe LGBT deserve death.

✓ They believe critics deserve death.

✓ They’ve killed millions.

✓ They seek world domination.

These are just some of the comparisons that can be made between Salafism and Hitler’s Germany, though in many ways the ideology of…

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. (Sarcasm)

Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash

For those who indulge in media that promotes a more conservative political perspective, there are few things as frightening as The Radical Leftist Agenda.

But what is it really? It’s important to note not all Leftists will agree with everything here, though this list provides what is perhaps the most…


Reason, equality, & progress

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