20 Things That Could Change If Topless Equality Was Normalized.

Including What You Might Not Think Of. (Not Clickbait)

3 min readMar 8, 2019

This article is really just a fun — yet still important — thought experiment as to what a society would look like without the higher modesty expectations for women. Right down to the little details you may not even realize. The ideas are based on what is already reality in certain European cultures as well as the past changes to modesty standards throughout the world, including America.

Without further ado:

  1. Breasts would become less interesting, not completely desexualized but at least enough that they wouldn’t be as distracting as they are now. Sort of like what men’s chests have become nearly a century after they too needed covering. Or how women’s legs are no longer the rage they once were in the early 20th century, likely due to their previous liberation from the long dresses of the Victorian Era.
  2. Media censors would have an easier job. Naked & Afraid — also known as Blurred & Afraid — wouldn’t have to spend most of their valuable time blurring the women.
  3. Naked actressess in PG movies/TV wouldn’t have to be filmed shoulders-up, unlike their male counterparts, and the after-sex L sheets (see picture) would no longer be a thing.